About Us:

Less Talk More Polka started in 2007 to play polkas and have fun. The group played a little bit around Lincoln, but mostly focused on having fun as a group. In December 2008, the band was featured in the Daily Nebraskan in an article, which was picked up by the associated press and published in several newspapers. The attention we got from the article has inspired us to perform more and promote Polka in Nebraska.

The band is composed of two clarinets, two trumpets, a saxophone, a tuba, and a trombone. We play a number of Czech polkas, along with waltzes, marches, schottisches, and even some dixieland. We are constantly expanding our repertoire and are open to suggestions.LTMP picture

Less Talk More Polka has performed at the Wilbur Czech Festival, Celebrate Lincoln, the Central Nebraska Ethnic Festival, Oktobeerfest, and many other locations. They were also featured on local radio station 89.3 KZUM and played a live Christmas show in 2010.


The Czech tradition

An increasing part of the group's goal is to strengthen young people's interest in traditional polka music and keep the Czech tradition strong. The band feels that the best way to accomplish our goal is to demonstrate the joy of folk music and inspire other young people to become involved in their cultural heritage.

Playing in Less Talk More Polka also enriches the band members, and has given many of the players an appreciation for polka music. We are always humbled by the response of the audience when we perform, and we are very thankful to everyone who supports us.

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Molly BoydMolly Boyd - Molly joined in group in the fall of 2008, and became the leader of the band in 2011. Molly plays the Alto Saxophone and does a lot of work for the group. Molly graduated from UNL with a double major in Biology and Music performance. She works in Lincoln and continues to participate in several music groups in Lincoln.




Lisa KeownLisa Keown - Lisa has been with the group since its beginning in the Spring of 2007. She plays the clarinet and also contributes a razor sharp wit to the group. Lisa is a graduate of UNL with a degree in Music Education. She is currently working in Lincoln at a Montessori preschool.




Kristin Page - Kristin joined the band in the spring of 2010. She graduated from UNL with an education degree in Industrial Technology and Math. Kristin is currently a middle school Industrial Technology teacher. She also coaches Lego Robotics teams, gives piano lessons, and subs for the organist at her church. Her participation in a variety of musical ensembles and other activities exposes the diverse talents she possesses.




Zach BlackZach Black - Zach joined the band in the summer of 2011. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln school of music, with an emphasis on trumpet awesomeness. He specializes in lyrical melodies, orchestral rest breaks, and ice cream science. When not performing with Less talk, More Polka, Zach performs with the Lincoln Civic Orchestra, and various small ensemble groups around the Lincoln area. Zach is employed at the University of Nebraska in Computing Services. Zach spends his free time chasing two young boys and family related activities.





Matt Erb - Matt brought his tuba skills to the band in the summer of 2011. He graduated from UNL with a degree in Music Education and is currently teaching in Lincoln. When Matt said that he loves playing polkas, we knew that he was destined to play the tuba for LTMP. With Matt as our tubist, we know we have our basses covered.





Fred Scott - Fred joined the band in 2014. He graduated from UNL and currently teaches class at SCC in Lincoln. Fred is a sound systems professional along with sharing his triumphant trombone skills.





Willie Neubauer - Willie joined the band in July of 2011. He is a graduate of UNL with a degree in Music Education and currently teaches elementary music in Omaha. Willie also performs with various music ensembles.




Frank Stroup - Frank was absorbed into the group in the fall of 2011. As a music education major, he is rapidly learning several instruments though trumpet is his claim to fame in the band. Frank uses the leadership traits he gained from marching band to exert a confident tone in the brass section, which everyone appreciates.





Active Substitutes:



Jason SmithJason Smith- Jason joined LTMP as our jack of all trades player. Jason graduated from UNL with a degree in Music Education and teaches at Wahoo High School. We are fairly certain he has played with Less Talk More Polka on every instrument. Where would we be without Jason's unique skill set?




Doug BogatzDoug Bogatz - Doug was in the group from Spring 2007 until June 2009. He has contributed his musical talents to the band in a number of ways, including originally playing the saxophone, composing for the group, and currently playing the clarinet. Doug graduated from UNL with a degree in music education and is currently teaching in Fremont.






Lindsey BogatzLindsey Bogatz - Lindsey helps out the polka band by playing the tuba. She graduated from UNL with a degree in Music Education and received her masters degree from UNO. Lindsey currently teaches band in the Omaha area.




lenzJason Lenz- Jason joined LTMP in August of 2010 and played with the group until April of 2011. Jason is a Senior Music Education Major at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, and plays in a wide range of groups. Just remember to keep your palms flat and you'll come away unscathed from this variety of brass player.